Start a New Sober Life

If you suffer from a substance abuse issue and you are on the path to recovery, you may want to know that you can have support with your living situation. This news should come as a relief if you have just begun the path to long-term sobriety. After going through treatment, it is a cold and harsh reality that you have to go back out into the “real world” again, this time without the substances.

Sure, this was expected but there are so many risks involved. Triggers that cause you to feel like you want to use are all over the place. What is needed is a supportive, sober living environment so you can transition back into independent living again. The transitional housing in Maryland offers exactly this. This is a system of halfway houses into which you can move for a period of time for sober living.

You would be living with roommates but they would definitely not be party people. In fact, they would be in transition just like you. So many people need this that these programs have formed. You still pay rent, but at a reasonable amount and with the support of counselors. You can quickly build a support network and go to meetings together as seen fit.

It is a great way to make new friends who are committed to staying sober. It is not as if you can hang out with your old friends for “just a few drinks.” That would run contrary to all your efforts. At least for a time, you need to refrain from such company, not that you have to stop being friends with everyone.

transitional housing in Maryland

It is necessary to cut all ties to others still in active addiction. With this housing, you can lead a low-stress, clean and simple life in transition.

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